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Department of aeronautical engineering conducted Entrepreneurship Awareness Camp on 11th Feb to 13th Feb 2019

Historical Background- Entrepreneurship and present scenario

The forenoon session was by Mr. M. Nandakumar B.E., MBA, regarding the topic “Historical Background- Entrepreneurship and present scenario”. He discussed about entrepreneur, entrepreneurship, required resources to become an entrepreneur, entrepreneurial community and purpose of such awareness camps. He explained the different phases of innovation from idea generation to marketing of product. He also detailed regarding the business incubators as a helping hand for new entrepreneurs. He introduced the motto for the camp “Encouraging students to be job creators and not job seekers”. He mainly discussed about the facilities, supports and funds provided by the Government of India for encouraging entrepreneurship.

Identification of Opportunities & Product selection and Technology-assistance

Mr .M. Nandakumar B.E., MBA , discussed “Identification of Opportunities & Product selection and Technology-assistance“. He informed about inefficiencies in market and need for bringing resources and ability to correct that inefficiency. That could be very interesting business idea. Many ideas comes from existing business from various sources like customer, supplier etc.

How to start an SSI Unit?, Support and financial assistance from Govt. agencies, banks, financial institutions etc., Technical & commercial Aspects of SSI & Financial aspects of SSI unit

The session was by Mr. N. Mahendran B.A.,B.L., Area Legal Manager , Axis Bank. He mainly discussed about the facilities, supports and funds provided by the Government of India for encouraging entrepreneurship. He addressed on many schemes supported by the Government agencies like DST, MSME, NEEDS for innovation.. He emphasized on the various schemes and support for financial assistance from Govt. agencies, banks, financial institutions, SFCs and others-securities demanded by FIs/banks etc to convert the idea into reality to practice.

Day 3 (13/02/19) Forenoon Session - Mr. S. Selvakumar
Creativity and business & Communication skills for better results

Mr. S. Selvakumar handled session on “Creativity and business & communication skills”. He told the importance of communication in the modern world for the right expression of ideas. The ideas must be presented in such a way that it is clear to the audience and accepted by the customers. He motivated them towards multidisciplinary interaction to solve problems through different ideas. He had an interactive session with the students and made them to think creatively. He explained how think creatively and how it would benefit the business through innovative ideas.

Day 3 (13/02/19) Afternoon Session – Mr.S.Srinivasan M.E.
Lectures by practicing entrepreneur's success stories

The afternoon session was by Mr.S.Srinivasan M.E.,,Assistant Professor Department of Aeronautical engineering, Nehru institute of Technology, Coimbatore, Tamilnadu . He discussed about the Lectures by practicing entrepreneur’s success stories. Discussion was on identifying the various quality required for a successful entrepreneur. A power point presentation depicting the quality of successful entrepreneur was discussed with students.