Robotic club

Robotics Club of NIT strives to stimulate interest in robotics among the students of the institute. It is this exemplary virtue that has bound the club and helped it to grow to its present potential. We firmly believe in working in a planned, organized and disciplined manner that helps us in risk free management. Well defined goals, an organized and disciplined work structure and motivated members are the features of the club, to mention a few, that have helped the club to grow to a level where we see it now.

The club today is an active platform for students to display and develop their practical machine building skills and knowledge

Mini Project club

Innovation, Imagination and Application is our motto. The Mini project Club is a dedicated group that aims to teach and help people to create their own circuits in terms of coding and designing for making new projects, and also assists people in developing their own devices. To this end, various lectures, workshops, projects as well as competitions throughout the year concerning both analog as well as digital electronics keep the calendar busy and the participants, learning.


Aeromodelling is the latest field that covers all the branches of engineering and includes the control and automation, flying, assembly of aero models such as gliders, aircrafts, helicopters, multi rotor planes and R/C Technology.

In this club, students would be building a complete model aircraft with their own hands with the help of simple tools like cutters, special adhesives, and sandpapers out of balsa wood (special light weight wood). Know the basic concepts about flying object or basic aerodynamics that are to be added to any object to make it fly.

Advantages of Aeromodelling Club

Enables the student to gain hands on experience on both designing and Fabrication of aircrafts.

Enables the student to understand and thus apply concepts of aerodynamics.

Help the students to understand aircraft behavior and response, which thereby helps in understanding control engineering

Aero modeling acts as a platform for UAVs and MAVs.

Students can represent your college in various National and International level competitions and technical fests.