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  • Create and sustain a rewarding environment through which students acquire knowledge, skills and innovative capabilities to apply it professionally for the development of nation with due consideration for ethical, ecological and economic issues.
  • Generate engineering graduates who use knowledge as a powerful tool to drive social transformation.
  • Help in building national capabilities in technology, education and research to generate a knowledge society.
  • Provide knowledge based technological services to satisfy the needs of industry and society.


  • To impart fundamental studies in mathematics, science, general engineering and modernized computer education and provide knowledge with effective teaching methodologies focusing on nation building.
  • To groom students to become specialized computer hardware and software engineers.
  • To achieve global standards in education and value based living through a social and scientific approach.
  • To offer professional services to meet the requirements of industry, business and society.


  • PEO1: To apply acquired knowledge in mathematical, scientific and engineering principles in order to excel in professional career.
  • PEO2: To analyze real life problems adapting to recent developments using IT tools, revealing professional pursuit and ethical attitude, in order to provide economically feasible engineering solutions that are technically sound and socially acceptable.
  • PEO3: To carry out complex engineering activities with best practices exhibiting communication skills, team work and interpersonal skills to enable continued professional development through life-long learning.


  • PSO1:To apply the knowledge of science and mathematical principles to analyze complex Aeronautical Engineering problems and produce cost-effective solutions for sustainable development.
  • PSO2: The ability to employ modern software tools within realistic constraints such as economical, environmental, social, ethical, health and safety, relevant to professional computer engineering practice and solutions for sustainability.
  • PSO3: The ability to use communication skills and management concepts to function effectively as an individual and in a team to manage projects and engage in life- long learning.